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First three chapters-Jack of Diamonds

A Gem of a Thriller “

Jack of Diamonds, stand-alone sequel to Trader Jack- The Story of Jack Miner, has just been published.

Jack Miner is released early from prison to solve the murder of a Russian mine manager. Detectives choose him, because of former dealings with the Russian mafia. An oligarch is a prime suspect and Jack changes his identity to avoid danger. He penetrates the billionaire’s business web and enters a murky underworld of diamond smuggling and mining. Jack’s trail leads to romance and the discovery of gems on a volcanic island. An extraordinary mining boom follows, with totally unexpected twists.

Jack of Diamonds,  Kindle and Paperback, is now available on Amazon.

Initial reviews 

— “At last, a highly unusual diamond thriller with a great plot, strong dramatic scenes, and unexpected twists. Jack reminds me of Dick Francis’ likeable, vulnerable lead characters who are easy to identify with. I enjoyed learning much about diamond mining and the gems market.” – Julian Gray, author, Interrogating Ellie.

— “This gripping financial crime novel includes roller-coaster diamond and stock market speculation. The interweaving of the main plot and subplots is masterly and they all move swiftly to their conclusions. In between are fascinating ideas on the psychology of market booms and how to handle them.” – Brendan Brown senior fellow Hudson Institute and author Bubbles in Credit and Currency.

—  5 out of 5 stars a great follow up to the author’s Trader Jack

This was a very entertaining read, a great follow up to the author’s Trader Jack, which I read a while ago. I learned a lot about the diamond mining and trading business with Jack chasing the bad guys (and being chased) across continents, meeting a series of glamorous companions and believable baddies on the way. There were a couple of clever plot twists towards the end too. All in all, it was a thoroughly enjoyable thriller.  — Cloiff

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