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Dear Reader

I have launched a combined publication and newsletter on the platform Substack.

It covers in depth news on commodities.

See How Commodities Predict Can Benefit You

Topics include gold, silver, platinum, diamonds copper, nickel, oil, coffee, cocoa, sugar, wheat, lumber cotton, lithium and others.

Commodities Predict also analyses mining companies, commodity and exchange traded funds (ETFs). It features commodity currencies such as Canadian, Australian and New Zealand dollars.

Mainstream and financial publications hardly cover raw materials.

This newsletter aims to close the gap.

CP aims to investigate, inform and educate. Commodity traders, merchants, producers and manufacturers should find it useful. The newsletter will also help investors, economists and students.

Here’s some background about myself

I reported on commodities, mining and hedge funds for the Wall Street Journal for 23 years. I also write pieces for The Business Times Singapore. Australian, South African, Canadian, UK, Hong Kong and Japanese publications have published my articles. The BBC and other broadcasters have also interviewed me.

That experience has boosted my knowledge on commodities and their markets.

Commodities Predict publishes unbiased forward-looking news breakers and perspectives

Other topics will still be published on

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