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Why markets are now so difficult to forecast  New!
Commodity prices peaked (see CRB Commodity index against freight rates)
Two tiered property market in London & UK
IEA has more than sufficient stocks to release in emergency  Update!
Bubble cycle chart — value, greed, delusion, despair, hope, revival   
BLOG– Fund speculation wrecks commodity markets, causes misery- Debate
When markets suffer from schizophrenia – Chart comparing 4 bear markets
How Central bankers dropped the ball
Pensions making same investing mistake again
Sovereign Wealth Funds with $4 trillion underperform
Innovative economics needed to cut unemployment
Common sense economics to regenerate the West
China’s rulers must boost growth to prevent unrest  
Sterling devaluation best hope for UK economy 
Food, energy and raw materials inflation to deflate
Asian Economy won’t decouple from US & European downturn
European downturn could be worse than US
Tulips, South Sea Bubble & Commodities 
Historic examples of Crowd Madness
War kills and destroys but some thrive on it
Petrodollars – Oil producers’ investments are now more sophisticated
Hunt’s silver bubble forerunner of todays commodity shenanigans

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