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Cancer vaccine could lead to a diagnostic, laboratory & drug producer revenue explosion

Work being done to create viable cancer vaccines will lead to huge opportunities for diagnostic, laboratory & manufacturing firms, HBI hears.

NOVEMBER 3, 2022

Polish healthcare normalising after refugee influx

Both for-profit and public healthcare operators in Poland have been struggling to cope after a large influx of Ukrainian refugees. HBI speaks to contacts in Poland to find out more.

NOVEMBER 3, 2022

Four Seasons facing breakup, final portfolio sales may not conclude until H2 2023

HBI understands a portfolio of homes owned by troubled UK elderly care operator Four Seasons will likely have to be split for sale, and some of these homes are not expected to sell until H2 2023.  OCTOBER 28, 2022

Dollar Investors are ready and waiting to buy cheap European healthcare firms

The slump in healthcare listed stocks and downward valuations of private businesses are encouraging potential buyers to examine enticing European healthcare enterprises.  OCTOBER 21, 2022

Opportunities abound as Saudi Arabia plans $13bn private healthcare expansion

Saudi Arabia’s health ministry is making $13bn (SR48bn) plans for 100 healthcare projects that will involve the private sector. The public-private partnership proposals include constructing two new medical cities, a project to provide 900 beds for medical rehabilitation, and long-term care services, and it looks like foreign investors are actively being courted. OCTOBER 21, 2022

M&A health care deals slow on debt fears

After a heady 2021, activity in European health care M&A is slowing down. Big ticket auctions have been withdrawn and processes are often run more cautiously as dual track, rather than general auctions. But underlying demand for health care assets is strong, with PE sitting on trillions of recently raised dry powder. Listed groups look cheap. HBI catches up with bankers from across Europe for their take.  OCTOBER 14, 2022

Saudi healthcare insurance boom

According to the Saudi Central Bank, gross healthcare insurance premiums in Saudi Arabia rose 32% to SR25.1 billion (€6.78 bn) between 2017 and 2021. Healthcare now totals as much as 59.7% of total insurance in the rich oil state. OCTOBER 7, 2022

Gulf PMI gets lift from Qatar’s World Cup

Ahead of the World Cup in November the Qatari authorities have issued a proclamation demanding that some 1.5 million Gulf and other international football fans must have healthcare insurance of at least 50 Qatari riyals (€12). This is a boon to Gulf and other international private medical insurers (PMI) of at least QR75 million (€18m). OCTOBER 7, 2022

French doctors want tough measures to stop patients missing booked appointments

French doctors calling for tougher measures for patients who miss appointments – including online where patients are often booking on multiple platforms and keeping only the earliest appointment they get – and sometimes not even that.SEPTEMBER 29, 2022

Meloni’s promise to boost Italian healthcare could benefit for-profits

Italy’s new right-wing alliance under Giorgia Meloni promises direct and indirect benefits for Italy’s private healthcare businesses. SEPTEMBER 29, 2022

Nordic PMI grows in tandem with waiting lists

Private medical insurance (PMI) plans are on the increase in the Nordic nations, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. Longer public health waiting times and incentives in employment contracts are the main reasons. HBI investigates.SEPTEMBER 23, 2022

Interview: Julien Samson CEO Groupe Maisons de Famille

Julien Samson, recently appointed CEO of the European care homes group Groupe Maisons de Famille, has some creative ideas on how to manage the business. In the face of industry-wide criticism and concern following hard-hitting headlines about rivals Orpea and Korian, he still believes the industry can find ways to cope with the persistent pandemic, the energy crisis and inflationary recession.SEPTEMBER 23, 2022

First round bids for Four Seasons’ 110 care homes due by “early autumn”

HBI catches up with Christie & Co, the business broker in charge of the sale of UK-based Four Seasons’ 110 care home, to find out more about the timescale of and interest in the sale. SEPTEMBER 22, 2022

Hungary’s private provider revenues surge – yet losses mount for many

The fast growing for-profit healthcare market in Hungary is scaling new peaks. HBI hears it could be worth as much as HUF 450-500bn (in excess of €1bn), and talks to a local operator to find out more about why revenue growth is not always translating into profit.SEPTEMBER 22, 2022

New Swedish government’s health policies could benefit for profit providers                                                                                                                                                          

A right-wing coalition government is still to be formed in Sweden, under probable prime minister Ulf Kristersson. It is expected to encourage for-profit health providers to help the public system reduce waiting lists. Multi billions of extra funding will also be allocated to the national, regional and local authorities to bolster the system. SEPTEMBER 16, 2022

Swedish telehealth soars but losses mount

Swedish telehealth companies have experienced a surge in revenue since Covid. But the treble whammy of relatively low fees, expansion costs and the inflationary economic downturn have compounded losses. SEPTEMBER 2, 2022

PMI patients won’t jump Sweden’s queues

Proposed Swedish legislation will prevent patients with private health insurance from getting swifter access to Sweden’s public health system. The privately insured population has risen seven fold since 2000.AUGUST 26, 2022

Right shift could boost Swedish for-profit                                                                                                                                                                                                                Less than three weeks ahead of the September 11 elections, Swedish parties are neck-to-neck in the opinion polls. The question is whether the centre left Social Democratic Party will remain in power. In its favour is the relative popularity of Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson, who in the polls is well ahead of opposition leaders. AUGUST 26, 2022

Domitys tempts residents with promise of exotic holidays abroad                                                                                                                                                                         

French elderly care and assisted living specialist Domitys is set to offer residents the promise of exotic holidays abroad, jumping onto a bandwagon already embraced by the likes of rival Korian. AUGUST 19, 2022

Four Seasons seller happy to split group for sale

Potential buyers of Four Seasons Health Care Group’s (FSHC) 110 homes must place their bids before the end of September, insists Christie & Co, the business broker in charge of the sale. AUGUST 16, 2022

Interview—Peter Karli head of Heal Partners, Budapest, Hungary

Peter Karli, the urbane owner and MD of Central and Eastern European-focussed M&A advisory firm Heal Partners KFT, expects “explosive growth in Hungary’s dynamic for-profit healthcare market”. HBI chats to him to find out more. AUGUST 12, 2022

WHO criticises prominence of for-profits in Bulgaria

A World Health Organisation (WHO) Report published in July chastises Bulgaria’s Health Ministry for allowing the for-profit sector to dominate the nation’s healthcare, while much needed reforms look to be on hold following the collapse of the government. AUGUST 5, 2022

A spurt in German Healthcare M&A deals ahead of uncertain winter

The German healthcare M&A market continues to be buoyant following the boom in 2021. But as autumn draws in, the pace of deals may abate and sellers may struggle to achieve previous heady price premiums, advisors warn. AUGUST 5, 2022

Massive opportunities for M&A as French imaging sector consolidates

Almost 30 per cent of France’s €4.1 billion outpatient imaging market will consolidate in the next five years, an informed HBI source predicts.JULY 29, 2022

CEOs change at Maisons de Famille

Philippe Tapié  has retired as CEO of Maisons de Famille, the European elderly care and nursing home group. He remains on the board of the firm’s Italian division.JULY 29, 2022

Reforms enable Ambea to raise its social care presence in Denmark

Ambea Group, a major quoted Scandinavian care provider, has been actively buying social care companies in Denmark. We look at why Ambea has been buying in a country which has a history of hostility to for-profit health care and now has a leftist, Social Democrat government.JULY 21, 2022

Portuguese hospital groups face €191 million fine

The Autorldade da Concorrencia (AdC), the Portuguese Competition Authority, has sanctioned and imposed fines of €191 million on several private hospital groups and the Portuguese Private Hospitals Association (APHP).JULY 18, 2022

UK must urgently develop diagnostic centres to meet surging demand

The UK National Health Service (NHS) should unquestionably boost outsourcing to counter the acute shortage of diagnostic centres in the country, according to a panel at HBI 2022 focused on “Building Capacity and Care Pathways through Partnerships”.JULY 15, 2022

Icade Santé buys in Spain, and sells in France

French REIT Icade Santé is on a buying and selling spree. On June 30, the company finalised the purchase of Spanish care facilities for €60 million. Two days before it sold four healthcare facilities in France for €78 million.JULY 14, 2022

Romania’s MedLife on takeover trail since beginning of June     

Listed Romanian operator MedLife has made six acquisitions between June and July this year.JULY 14, 2022

Unilabs acquires Grupo Centro Scanner, boosting its extensive diagnostic presence in Spain

Global lab and imaging company Unilabs has purchased Grupo Centro Scanner, a diagnostic imaging company in Andalusia.JULY 8, 2022

HBI 2022: Considerable scope for growth in the rehabilitation sector

Rehabilitation capacity and services are likely to increase considerably in the coming decade, according to a panel at HBI 2022.JULY 1, 2022

HBI 2022: Confidence in long term return on digital healthcare investment

The bear market volatility of digital and other health tech stocks may have unnerved investors, but an HBI 2022 panel is confident about long term return on investment and future expansion of digital healthcare.JULY 1, 2022

Saudi Arabia backs new $400m hospital for Jordan

The University College London Medical School (UCLMS) is joining forces with the Saudi Jordanian Investment Fund (SJIF) and UCLA Health in a new $400 million (€380m) university hospital in Jordan.JUNE 17, 2022

Metropolis denies it is open to bidders

Metropolis Healthcare, the big Indian diagnostic and pathology group, is determined to forestall potential predators despite talk of a $1bn joint bid from hospital chain Apollo and conglomerate Adani Group.JUNE 17, 2022

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