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The articles on this blog are free. There is currently no advertising videos and flashes to bother you.

Research and writing, however, take a lot of time. It would thus be helpful if you would examine the book pages. If you like them, please purchase on this site, Amazon or any book shop.

Jack of Diamonds  is my latest book. Please look it up on Amazon and examine the reviews:    https://www.amazon.co.uk/Neil-Behrmann/e/B005HA9E3M                                                                                                 

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Content, Speed, Content

This publication values readers’ time. It won’t be cluttered with advertising banners. Our motto is Content, Speed, Content. Our policy is freedom of information and free markets. The rights, privacy and confidentiality of newsletter subscribers and information sources are respected.                                                           

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Please respect copyright and intellectual property of this publication and contributors. They include analysts, economists, traders, psychiatrists, journalists and academics. For those who are unsure about the international convention, I suggest you read the US government’s explanation on


Freedom of Information and Free, Clean Transparent Markets

Our editorial policy is freedom of information and markets. We also believe that free markets should be transparent and clean. If we detect alleged manipulation, fraud, and corruption, we will contact the regulators. We want the markets to expand and for participants to prosper. For this to happen, markets must be transparent and untainted.

Candid, provocative, articles and investigative reporting should be fair. We thus try and report both sides of the story.  We give companies and individuals the right of reply. We aren’t preachers and we are certainly not infallible. The aim is to be impartial and to convey the story accurately and fairly. If we are wrong, please let us know. There would then be a correction or amplification, provided the argument is reasonable.

NeilBehrmann.net provides information and lateral insights only.

This is not an advisory blog. Readers are responsible for their own actions. Over the long term only professionals with strict trading disciplines survive; but they also incur considerable losses from time to time.

“The past is no guarantee for the future” and “prices can go down as well as up” are clichés for good reason.

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